Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street Bail Out

Wish someone would bail me out! It's the end-beginning of the month and credit card bills are due. I can't believe it! All but one of my credit card/banks has been bought out. I don't know who I owe or what their name is. Won't someone bail me out?

Of course not. I'm not an exec. with my slightly tarnished golden parachute. I'm just some working drudge trying to meet her bills and still buy groceries and feed her cats. No one cares whether I've slipped from the middle of the middle class way down to the top of the poverty level class. I got no one watching my back. What I earn from my art is what feeds me. Some weeks it's all peanut butter and crackers and some weeks I get to buy some 80% lean hamburger. Last night it was pot roast...a rare treat that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm one of the whining class that Paulson (?) talked about. Whine, whine, whine...I'm hungry so is that whining or are those just loud hunger pangs? Why is the middle class passe? Don't we deserve to get out of the squeeze press and be able to serve our kitties something other than DRY cat food? Look at this poor baby's face. He looks so defeated Wouldn't you want to bail him out of a life of dry kibble?

OK...whining coming to an end. Back to working on my new line of earrings. I figure if I CAN"T AFFORD TO EAT DESSERT, I'll just create it and wear it...LOL This is so NOT funny! $700 billion dollars...I'd be happy with a bailout of $700...and so would my sweet little furbabies!

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