Saturday, October 13, 2012


If you need to ramp up your Muse; learn something new; find creative friends; join a creative community, then you need to join There is no registration fee to join this new Ning network and the spirit of community is developing with each new member.
14 years ago this month I started a polymer clay community online. It's still alive and well even tho I am no longer the 'list Mom'. I NEED to find that sense of community once again and so I'm hosting this new and exciting group. Join us as we begin a journey into our creative selves.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lucky Number 13

Thirteen years ago my son set up a website for me called Every once in awhile he'd ask me when I planned to start teaching online classes. I always had an excuse to give him. After awhile I stopped even thinking about it and he stopped asking. Two weeks ago there was an unexpected convergence of the stars and everything fell in to place for me to finally start teaching. When I mentioned it to my son he said "Good Art Demos is ready for you. I've renewed it every year on my birthday". Thirteen years is a long time to keep believing in someone, especially someone who doesn't believe in herself. But it's finally time. I hope you'll join me as I set foot on this amazing journey of learning.

On October 8th my father would have turned 90. The old saying of "when a person dies, a library burns" is something I hope never to be attributed to me. I want to reach out and touch everyone who wants to learn something new. To grow as a creative soul and connect with others of similar interests. So Daddy, this one's for you. You showed me that sometimes we don't have all the time in the world and the time to do something is NOW!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012 a Place to Learn and PLAY

At my age most of my peers are winding down their life. They're retiring, spending time with grandchildren, just kicking back and enjoying the ride. Me? I'm just cranking up my life. Getting ready to open a site I registered 13 years ago to teach arts & crafts on line. When I registered all those years ago I had the idea but not the technology to make my dream come true. In today's world, the technology is here and I am ready!

And so...Daddy (Walter A. Brown 1922-1998) this one's for you. When you passed, you took a library of learning with you. I don't want to do that. I want to empty out my brain, teach all that the last 63 years have taught me and give everyone I touch moments of joyful play.