Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthing Day to Me

29 years ago today I was busy shopping at the mall, getting all the last minute things I needed done because I was four days overdue with my second child. I spent the entire day away from home, mostly in stores and then took a nap at my Mom's because I was having some painless contractions. Arrived home around 6 pm to the phone ringing off the hook. Seems like my dear doctor had been frantic all day trying to get in touch with me. I'd seen his associate that morning at 9 am, had the exam, had the associate say "you're going to have a girl" and then gone on my merry way for the rest of the day. Apparently those 'painless' contractions were actually labor pains and the Dr. was afraid I was going to drop the kid somewhere other than the hospital!

He told me to hurry my butt right over to the hospital pronto. OK...sounds like a good idea my younger days I did NOTHING without showering, shampooing, shaving and putting on full I did all of that and arrived in the hospital at 8 pm where DH and I made our way up the elevator to the third floor and into the maternity ward.

At 30 I was unflappable but the doctor was totally frantic and he took one look at me and started screaming..."what took you so long, you could have had that baby on the Garden State Parkway". I told him that I had to shower, etc and his response was to scream back..."this isn't a da*n party we're holding here, you're in labor"! Apparently I'd been walking around since 10 am in full out labor without feeling any pain...*sigh*...that should have told me something! 'Cause she's caused me more pain than either of my children in these last 29 years.
Anyway, long story short, with the nurses grabbing at my clothes and the doctor yelling orders they finally got me on the labor bed, shaved me and when he examined me he said the only reason I hadn't given birth during the day was because my water hadn't broken. DUH! wouldn't I have noticed THAT???

As with my first child he had to break my water and I immediately went into HARD labor which lasted about 12 minutes and after the third push I delivered a beautiful 8 lb. 12 oz baby girl right there on the labor bed. No chance for an episiotomy so I had to go into the labor room to get some stitches but I was holding the baby in one arm and nursing her and talking on the phone to everyone with a local number 54 minutes after I arrived at the maternity room door. And that my friends is a way to have a baby! Here's my little darling as she looks today. Photo courtesy of Mommy:

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