Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Sleepless night in Jersey

I simply hate those nights when your mind is racing with a thousand thoughts and sleep is as far away as the tooth fairy. After 37 years of marriage to a man who snores and a bed cat who likes to prowl around, I'm thinking of saving up for a twin size bed.

I mean how selfish is it to want to actually sleep through the night? I think that Beaver's Mom and Dad had the right idea...twin beds. But with a 6'7" DH I'm the one who will have to leave the king sized one for a twin. He always says he can't sleep when I'm not in bed but while he may believe that myth I've noticed that within 45 seconds of me leaving it, he's back to snoring again.
Now before anyone suggests he be tested for sleep apnea he has been. And it's severe enough to warrant a breathing mask. Unfortunately without health insurance at the present moment we're living with a worn out mask that leaks air and gives me nightmares of being stalked by a GIANT HISSING COCKROACH!!

However bad the nights are, the days are worse. I drag my butt from room to room wishing I was a fluffy fat cat like the ones who get to doze in the sun shining in through the sliding glass door and skylight.

Last night I listed a piece in the NFAC, Nibblefest Art Contest on eBay. OK, call me crazy, I was hoping that someone would actually bid on it. I have one bid of 99 cents but there are others on there with 18 bids and $15 this early in the game. I just had to do it though. I keep thinking that one day I'll find the right combination of colors or images and suddenly I'll be one of the 'in' crowd.

I'll be what I used to be when I was doing the gallery/art show circuit...I'll be a star! What used to sell for 350 dollars now brings me 14.99 if I'm lucky. I keep thinking it's because I suck as an artist, but I don't know if I'm right. I always thought I had talent but as the years go on I think I may be losing it...or maybe I never had it to begin with??? Here's the piece that's hitting 99 cents right now:

Oh Mom just called and said she's not going to church and so I'm going to play hooky myself and go back to bed. If you've got suggestions for me on this piece of art, PLEASE just post your thoughts in the comment section below. TTYL

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  1. I can see your work illustrating a children's book. It's all so lovely.

    Stop by my new blog for a message for you.

    Many Blessings,
    Fellow PWGL member