Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Counting my blessings instead of sheep

Just about time to get off the computer and get myself ready to sleep. I'm hoping for a good night's rest but if not I'll count my blessings tonight instead. I got a lot accomplished today from my to do list and one thing that didn't appear on it. I sent a box of crafting goodies to Sarah Huckman down in MS. You can see her list of needs on her blog. I've posted it to the right of this.

I'm still creatively stuck but tomorrow I'm hoping that I may break through the inertia that's gripped me for many days. I am pulled between needing to create art and needing to make money. Every time I think I've gotten myself to a place where I can balance the two I fall off the fence and bruise my creative spirit. But isn't this what makes an artist so interesting...angst and nothing but? I'd like for one day to be a homemaker who turns out a great coffee cake and her world is complete! Does Mrs. Cleaver still exist?

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