Monday, September 08, 2008

Make Overs

This week I planned to do a lot of Lisa Bebi's paint overs but this morning I need a kick start. I'm tired and totally non-creative so I'm going to get a make-over. For this blog. I designed auction templates on eBay until they pulled the plug on e-delivery of items so I've got a lot of custom designed options. Right now I'm sitting her pondering how I'd like to go about it soooooooooo
I think I'm going to visit some of my favorite blogs and get some ideas for what I want to change. I definitely want to make it more exciting than this black and white format. When I started the blog a couple of years ago it seemed the easiest route to follow. Now I need it to POP and sing...sooooooo
off to visit blogland. I'll be back later today or this week with a new look. Not that anyone is looking yet...LOL Hugs, y'all...I'm off to see the wizard!

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