Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lake Como, NJ

This is for my friends who have left the area of Belmar and Lake Como, NJ. Life at the Shore has changed. No one walking down Main Street in S. Belmar would recognize it! Anyway this is for James and Adrian and Kirk and anyone else who wonders what happened while they've been away! This was taken in early Dec. '08 so I need to update as a lot of the building has been completed. I also need to take a picture of Borsetti's old store! Enjoy the memories.
Sorry folks...had to remove the slideshow...was messing up my ability to post additional posts...obviously a memory hog!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I usually don't share youtube videos because they're mostly all the same. This one is so extraordinary I couldn't NOT post it here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here's a peek at what I have up and running for my ONLYS (ONLineYardSale)sale. Sorry but I had to remove the slideshow...another memory hog! You can see all of my items by going to http://www.primsywhimsy.com and clicking on the YEART sale banner which will take you into the craft supplies directory of auctions.


With hundreds of items for sale and only me, myself and I photographing, listing and packing this ONLYS (OnLineYardSale) is proving to be a tough nut to crack. My partner is leaving for a short vacation and has promised to start listing when she returns. BUT as usual I have left everything for the last moment since I've been destashing for 10 days. But I just KNOW you're going to LOVE the finds I have for you. If you do anything crafty or creative these first days will be the most important. I'm listing dozens and dozens of craft items, most NIP (new in package) and greatly reduced from what I originally paid for them.

After the weekend I'll be listing summer clothes from names such as Liz, J. Crew, Jones New York, etc. The better store brands that we all know and love at prices you WILL NOT be able to resist. $65 dollar dresses for $7.50 or $40 shorts for $5? WOW...if I weren't selling them I wouldn't be able to resist buying them!

So get ready to SHOP til you drop starting Fri. April 17th at 12:01 am. That's the official start time for the YEART sale that my Etsy Team is participating in. I will offer a little hint, however. If you should feel the need to start immediately, go for it. But remember I'll be listing new things daily, so check in often. ALSO, if you're looking for bargains be sure to look for Yeart Sale in the title. Now back to work listing ... *sigh*

ONLYS = ONLineYard Sale

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! The start of the Eclectic Artisan's YEART Sale. I'll be having my own version of the sale, an ONLYS at my site: http://www.primsywhimsy.com

Starting today I'll be uploading craft supplies, scrapping supplies, stamping supplies, brand name like-new clothing, books, magazines, household goodies, etc. I hope you'll take a moment to stop by tomorrow, APRIL 17-26 and do some shopping. Just think...you can get yard/garage sale bargains (and maybe even haggle a bit) without leaving your yard, porch, living room or den! I've been destashing like a fiend for the last 10 days and will work like a demon to get the hundreds of items up and ready for sale over the next 10 days. So mark that calendar. Sale starts 12:01 am tomorrow, April 17th on http://www.primsywhimsy.com.

And be sure to check out the great bargains they'll be having in the official YEART SALE at http://theeclecticartisansteam.blogspot.com/ they'll give you directions to all participating team member's shops. GET READY TO HAVE A BUYING FRENZY of goodies!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yeart sale starts this Friday at 12:01 am. I'll be having a HUGE collection of craft supplies, brand name clothing, household goods, mags, books, etc. Will be updating daily. MARK THE DATE 4/17.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Have a date for the yard sale. I'm running it in conjunction with my Etsy Team. EART Team is holding a Yeart Sale April 17-26 so we'll run it at the same time. More details to follow in the next several days. We'll be selling name brand clothing, household goods, shabby chic craft supplies, artist supplies, stamping and scrapbooking supplies all at AMAZING prices. So be sure to check back and reserve the dates! We'll be updating our stock daily.