Saturday, September 06, 2008

She's getting closer......

Hanna Hurricane is drawing closer to the Jersey Shore. We're ready but so far just some rain and wind, not much of either. She won't be a direct hit, will just brush past unless she changes direction so I'm not expecting much of anything.

Been up since 6:45 am EDT. Woke up easily with no grogginess which is a miracle for me. I tried to remember what I did different but the only thing that comes to mind is that I didn't snack before I went to bed. Maybe the blood sugar thing? Anyway, had to call DD and tell her when she came up for a visit today (she's nine blocks from the ocean)not to come in thru the front door. Miss Muffet has been building again and her web stretches from the metal framework of the walkway arch to the side of the house. DS says we're probably the strangest family in the neighborhood, rearranging our life to fit that of a spider but I thought that was a given anyway...the strangest family part I mean! But I truthfully don't see why I should go out and destroy a perfectly good web. So far she's been more than generous building one beautiful web after another in various parts of the front door area. And they are truly beautiful when the light hits them just right. Here...let me post a pic so you can see what I mean.

Now that I've wasted time uploading pictures from my camera to my photo album to my Adobe PS to here I guess I'd better get to it and start another paint over. I'll post both pieces later today and that my friends is a promise or my name isn't Carolyn, a Jersey Girl...LOL

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