Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moving to Aunt bEtsy

Due to the high cost of listing on eBay and the fierce competition that my already stressed out body can no longer endure, I'm packing it in after almost 8 years of listing as the_wild_gypsy and moving to Etsy.
I hope my loyal customers and eBay friends will visit wildgypsyart as I plan to have a LOT of new pieces listed in the coming week.

One thing I'm most definitely going to do is to list larger pieces AND bring in my jewelry. I used to sell on but because of health issues after breast cancer I needed to narrow my focus. Now I need to narrow it even more because trying to keep up with the rising fees of eBay is emptying my wallet faster than it's filling it.

So to all friends...come see me here: or just click on the pretty cake at the top of this post!

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