Thursday, September 25, 2008

Waiting for the Nor'Easter

The skies are ominious and the wind is picking up hour by hour. The first nor'easter of the fall is just hours away, scheduled for sometime mid-PM today. The air always feels electric and makes my skin crawl when a storm is approaching. Growing up so close to the Atlantic makes me super sensitive I guess.

We clamdiggers thought nothing about going out in the height of any storm to check Mother Ocean. She is a powerful force and more so when the north wind is blowing. I can remember the excitement of those times when you would brace yourself against the wet, salty wind and see the power of the churning waves. My father, a WWII photographer, never missed an opportunity to drive the five blocks to the ocean in driving wind and rain and sometimes snow to capture that power of nature.

I miss my Dad and I miss that tingly excitement of a storm at its zenith. Now I just hunker down by the wood stove and ride it out. But there is still that lingering memory of the power and the glory of nature in all her fury. Are you watching, Daddy?

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