Monday, September 01, 2008

A Summer Place

Today is IT! OFFICIAL LAST DAY OF THE SEASON AT THE JERSEY SHORE. The official last day of out-of-towners honking and yelling and getting drunk and throwing up in the storm drains.


As a child I would spend this day in mourning. My summer friend Jane's family would be leaving their summer house driveway on 16th and turning right and right again as I ran through the backyards to wave one last time from in front of my home on 17th. The start of school would be two days away and I would be having that shivery scared/happy feeling in the pit of my stomach because that meant I got to wear my new set of clothes and use the brand new pencils and PINK eraser!

But mostly it was a sad day. A few tears shed for the end of summer friendships as the 'city people' went back north and our town went into its winter quiet. A 'little death' really because the noise and summer life were gone for another 8 months. Replacing it were transient families who would rent the summer bungelows. They would be moving in tomorrow, stay through Memorial Day and disappear out of my life forever once summer started again.

Living in a seashore town was always filled with summer happiness and winter blues. And to this very day those same feeling prevail. I am sad, sad, sad and not expecting it to lift for at least 2 days. That's when our family comes together to celebrate my Mom's 85th b'day and we'll all tell our summer horror stories of the city folk as we secretly await their return once again.

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