Thursday, January 29, 2009

McDonald's Dollar Value Meal

I think the penny sales on my eBay account are better than the dollar menu at McDonald's! Where else could you possibly snag an ORIGINAL Sadowski mini folk art painting for under a dollar. It has happened! Recently the final prices have risen a bit so I'm happy that I'm at least making slave wages for my pieces now.

Before I wasn't making money once you took out the 15 cent listing fee, the 8+% final valuation fee plus the 30 cent Paypal fee +their 3.25% processing fee. Now it seems that buyers are willing to snag them at prices that have topped $6.00 Woot, woot! Before these same original ACEOs brought up to $15 at the low point and up to $35 at the best of economic times. However, since I plan on making my fortune in very short order I'm happy to ply my buyers insatiable need for ORIGINAL FAIRY art. See for yourself, just click the icon above and get in on the fun of possibly snagging an original piece for $.01! Best of Luck~!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009


We've all had those days where we wake up and think "WoW, this is gonna be a great day" and then about 5 minutes into it something happens that just derails you right then and there.

I'm an optimistic soul so I'm taking this as just a small bump in the road to financial success. I know I've blogged about, Twittered about, FaceBooked about, emailed about my LolliShop, PrimsyWhimsy (just click the logo above to visit). I was so enthusiastic about my participation in this new website because I could see that the work that had gone into it was well thought out. There was a vendor's Guild and a Shopping guild where you could promote your business to fellow vendors and shoppers alike. I could see the future as nothing but bright and rosy.

This past weekend I spent helping my DD get ready for a new room mate (yes my sweet baby is a bit of a piggy-poo)and so I missed all of the drama surrounding the dissolution of the two communities where all of the Lolli dreaming took place. Of course I wasn't there so I'll never really be sure what 'went down' but the CEO of LolliShops killed off these two communities that were precious to me and most of the vendors who participated. How or why the 'fight' began I don't know but apparently it was nasty and even went so far as to spread over to the Etsy groups. The Etsy groups I've never participated in because I've heard they are warrior class folk and LOVE to duke it out on the net:)I try and keep my online life as undramatic as possible since my 'real' life is more soap opera than comic strip!

Anyway, I digress...the groups were dissolved and now I'm left with a BIG question as to whether or not to open my own website and link thru Lolli. My stomach is actually knotting up as I write this because I put a lot of faith into the future of a site that I thought would finally be the answer to "where do I want to start up my business". It's not that the 'rent' isn't reasonable enough and is scheduled to go down a bit to promote more participation. BUT...without a forum for us to sell promote our business through, how do we even begin to reach a target audience?

I know that the owner is doing a lot of print advertising. I worked in the print media business for years so I know that it can be effective. Unfortunately not as effective as it once was because of the big take over of the Social Media groups such as the LolliShops Guild once was.

Most of the sales at our grand opening happened because as I've previously mentioned I used EVERY social media at my disposal to get the word out that we were open. Oddly enough...after I stopped promoting it that weekend three weeks ago we've only had ONE sale...and that one came because I posted to Twitter. *sigh*

I'm seriously re-thinking my career path at the moment but never fear...I have never before cried UNCLE and given up. I kicked the h*ll out of breast cancer and if I can beat that, I can surely find a way to solve my current insolvency.

Hugs and LOVE to all the friends I made on "The Guild". Leave a comment so we can reconnect and plan our next move.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today I found out that I had won two awards for my ACEO paintings done in 2008.
Here are the finished pieces and awards won.


And then this sweet little piece of my favorite kitty, Sebastian, was in the finals.


These were in the YBA (Year's Best ACEO) contest on eBay.


Valentine's Day countdown banner


There's just one day left to spend a penny and get a LOT of original art at the_wild_gypsy's Penny Sale Extravaganza. I'm willing to let these ACEOs go for a fraction of their worth...are you willing to spend a penny and make a BIG investment. 40 years as a professional artist makes these pieces worth a hundred times what they're now priced at on eBay. Visit and spend a penny, get a lot!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Valentine's Day countdown banner

Take a moment today and pray for baby Harper. If you need more info click the link to the right.

Miracles are all around us and prayer does change things. Just ask the 155 passengers of Flight 1549 and the Miracle on the Hudson. Prayer saved my life when breast cancer threatened to take it away. Prayer can and will change YOUR life if you take a moment and thank God for the blessings He has sent your way.
If you sit quietly and think of the good He has given you instead of the lack that you see, you will find the peace that passeth all understanding.

Harper's Mom & Dad know this and so do I. Today make a decision to find that peace for yourself. Simply say: God show ME how to come to know YOU.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Flea Market TODAY!

Valentine's Day countdown banner

We're part of the Friday Flea Market group. Every friday visit our PrimsyWhimsy site for goodies to tempt your creative abilities. Today we've got sugared cupids in the spotlight so click on the title of today's blog posting and be magically transported to our little corner of the craft seller's world.
When you're done nosing around in our shop return to this blog and link up with other sellers by clicking the FFM logo in the right sidebar. Happy Hunting!


LOVE is in the air as well as the winter chill! It's the time of frills and frou frou and all things heartfelt. It's almost Valentine's Day! Over at our little corner of the world we're offering sugared heart, cupids and doves to go along with the lace, ribbon and 1/4" tinsel we usually stock. Our favorite this week: 100% RAYON PINK SEAM BINDING RIBBON! A yummy shade that will work with the traditional reds and whites of the fairest Day in the year...St. Valentine's Day.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Where does wisdom reside. Surely not in the teeth we receive in our 'old age. Today's man/woman usually receives them with a rush of pain because it was our prehistoric ancestors who needed them, not us. There is no room for those big teeth to fit in modern day man's mouth. So we live with them and finally experience the pain of ignoring them or we have them wisely removed before they cause a problem.

Today my daughter had hers removed. She's lived with them for years but suddenly last week they made themselves known, painfully! And now the biggest problem is...a co-pay of $463 that wiped out her bank account. And Mom, who would do anything to save her children pain or unhappiness can only stand by and cry because she can do NOTHING to help her. I can't kiss the boo boo and make it go away and I CAN NOT give her money to buy food for the next two weeks. Because Mom is so broke she can't even buy food for herself.

How did I get here? Surely not when my wisdom teeth were removed quite painfully forty years ago. But somewhere along the route of these last 40 years I never learned how to keep money in my pocket. I learned to put it into the pocket of many, many people along the way. Because I love to buy, buy, BUY and now all I have to show is an empty wallet, a house full of stuff and a daughter who I can not help because I can not help even myself.

But tonight I met a young woman named Bev on Twitter. Quite unexpectedly she popped into my life at a time I needed to hear what she had to share. Here is a portion of our tweets:

Bev: Lord, I pray you meet the financial needs of Your precious child NOW in the Name of Jesus. AMEN
Bev: He ALWAYS hears our prayers. "I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him & honor him." (or her) Psalm 91:15
Bev: Keep praying. Resist the urge to get frustrated, give up. Been there, done that! What Scripture are u standing on?
Me: Matthew 21:22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
Bev: Do you repeat multiple times a day until it becomes part of you? That's how you get thru the "testing season"
Me: Years ago international prayer saved my life when the Drs. gave me a 40% chance to survive. I BELIEVE in prayer.
Bev: Praise the Lord! Remember, faith moves mountains. WORK the WORD until you get a breakthru.

So from Atlanta, GA an unknown woman entered my life via cyberspace and through her words of Him I have received a renewal of MY faith. The Lord sure knows how and when to bring new people into our lives just when they are needed most. So tonight I make a promise to myself. I will renew my faith in prayer and I will pray for the wisdom that somewhere along the way I misplaced.

Friday, January 09, 2009


Every time an email arrives telling me PayPal has sent me money my computer makes a little bling bling sound...sorta like a cash register working away. Sales are going well and my sister and I expect it to be the start of something WONDERFUL since we haven't even touched the tip of the ice burg when it comes to our stash of supplies.

We have limited stock on some things so we're really hoping that two people don't race to paypal at the same time and we have to disappoint someone :( Anyway, first day of the grand opening is going very, very well. Thanks to all of our new customers and fans! Remember to put in for your 20% bonus purchase with coupon code:PW912

GRAND OPENING IS ON at Primsy*Whimsy

Our Grand Opening is today on Sadie did a magnificent job of getting it all together! The seam binding ribbon finally arrived in our shoppe so I'm happy that at least all of my ducks are finally in a row. Now it's up to me to get the word out to everyone on Facebook, Twitter, my yahoo groups, and past customers.! I've got a lot of work ahead of me but I think I'll break for brunch and then continue. Hugs to all and remember to visit my shop for a 20% bonus purchase coupon code:PW912

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Tomorrow is what we've been waiting for for six weeks! The Grand Opening of our Lollishops. You can get there from any number of links on this page, just look around! If you wanna bet that lazy...just click on the title of this

So here goes...the reason why Primsy*Whimsy should be your first choice for unique crafting supplies!

"Primsy*Whimsy is a sister run company providing crafters with unique
handmade and/or vintage crafting supplies. After 20+ years in the business
we want to provide young SAHM's the opportunity to create art/crafts that
are a step above the ordinary. We hunt out the most unique and different
supplies available and often offer pieces that are one of a kind (OOAK). We
keep our prices low because we know what it's like to have a SAHM's budget.
Our blog posts keep all of our customers up to date on what is newly listed
and offer discount coupons several times a year."

If you mention code: PW912 we'll send you a 20% purchase bonus! Here are the PrimsyWhimsy girls over 50 years ago:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bottle Brush Trees

With the upcoming Grand Opening of our LolliShop, Primsy*Whimsy, I've been combing the county for the best elements to offer crafters. These Valentine's Day Vintage RED bottle brush trees are a real find.

I've got my eye on some other ones that I hope to be able to offer as well. These are darn hard to find but I think I've got a source I can count on. In the meantime I at least have these up and ready to go!

Widgetbox CRAFTS Network

Just joined the Widgetbox Crafts Network. I'm hoping that by doing so I can get my handmade elements out to all cottage style crafters. I spend a lot of time designing just the right pieces that artisans can add to their work that will make that piece UNIQUE. Most of what I do is in limited edition quantities and all can be seen by clicking on the icon above.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The next two days are going to be crazy busy so I wanted to post this to all of my groups to let them know about my upcoming Grand Opening Weekend special. Our new shop Primsy*Whimsy will be the featured artist on the Lollishops website.

We're a vintage and handmade craft supplier and as a special introductory offer we're giving all of our customers and new 'fans' a 20% purchase bonus. When checking out, use the code PW912 and we'll send you 20% of your total order in EXTRA, FREE goodies as a way of saying THANKS for shopping with us. If you love PINK, ruffles, ribbons, bows and hearts and could use some more LACE, linens and baubles and bells in your shabby or cottage chic crafting, visit Primsy*Whimsy January 9-12th. When you use the code PW912 you'll get some wonderful EXTRA goodies to add to your stash of winter crafting supplies... just call it our own little economic stimulus

Sunday, January 04, 2009

SAHM Crafts

I attempted three times to get this blog listed with a free blog listing service and kept getting an 'ajax error'. Don't know what that is because I don't use Ajax, I use Comet :) Anyway, I might just as well post to the blog itself since that's the only way to get this information into the right hands. The SAHM who is looking for something special to make their crafts stand out.

Primsy*Whimsy is a sister run company providing crafters with unique handmade and/or vintage crafting supplies. After 20+ years in the business we want to provide young SAHM's the opportunity to create art/crafts that are a step above the ordinary. We hunt out the most unique and different supplies available and often offer pieces that are one of a kind (OOAK). We keep our prices low because we know what it's like to have a SAHM's budget. Our blog posts keep all of our customers up to date on what is newly listed and offer discount coupons several times a year.

So that's it in a nutshell. What we will be offering on our LolliShop's site is quality goods that are unique and limited in supply. Getting to search out this kind of stuff in little shops and big ole attic sales makes this the best job I've ever had!

Sebby is letting me give him some lovin'!

My baby boy must be feeling better because for the first time in 5 days he climbed into my lap and let me pet him for 15 whole minutes. He usually wants to spend all day on my lap but since he got sick he's been avoiding me totally!

I've been busy putting up items on my lollishop:
and last night I sold two digital collage sheets. weekend is the BIG grand opening so I'll keep y'all updated along the way. Now that Seb is almost back to normal I feel like I can finally concentrate on getting my stuff finished and uploaded!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sebbie is Baaaaaack

Just a quick note to wish you all a Happy New Year. I've been away for a few days tending to my favorite kitty who was sick. Why is that those you love the best can rip out your heart so easily?? He's doing better but still a bit twitchy. Here he is in his pre-twitchy days

Starting to seriously upload to my Lollipop store. Lots of new stuff arriving daily, be sure to drop by and see us when you have a chance.