Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dishing water

Today was a first! I always wondered what would happen if my wallet was empty and I couldn't pay for my meal. I'd heard they'd send you to the kitchen to wash dishes!

Since Dear Sister always takes me to breakfast on Sundays after church I never have to worry about that happening. This morning we were just finishing up a delicious breakfast at our VERY FAVORITE CAFE...the SideDoor in Lake Como, NJ, when I looked in the back where my friend Lorrie was running back and forth from the stove to the sink and realized that once again the 'new' dishwasher had quit.

Not one to sit on my hands when there is an obvious need I shucked off my jacket and dug into the dishes. Now anyone who tells you that washing dishes is a never ending chore ain't kidding when you're working at the sink of a popular and BUSY cafe. After about 10 minutes of back breaking work I heard giggling and realized that my daughter had stopped in for breakfast. All I heard was her yelling into the back "I can't believe it, my Mom NEVER washes dishes! She's right, of course, since I've had a dishwasher for all of my 37 years of marriage.

But when you have a friend in need how can you turn your back on something as simple as lending a hand...a soapy one this day...but it made me feel useful and helpful and loving all at the same time. Love you lots,'re my very FAVORITE friend/cook/hostess!! Now where's that darn hand lotion!

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