Friday, December 27, 2013


Gelli Plate printing, Gelli Arts gel plate, mono printing, collage, stampmaking, brushes, learning, and fun...these were some of the subjects covered in during 2013. But now... Welcome to the new home of If you are visiting this blog for the first time let me say welcome! Check the FREEBIES page for a special offer on access to the classroom pages.

I've enjoyed the last fourteen months that I spent teaching on artdemos, my Ning network. Due to the rising costs of maintaining that community (approximately $100 for maintenance fees & advertising) I made the difficult decision to go into the New Year without the worry of those monthly fees. However, I have and will continue to have a Vimeo-Pro site to host all of my videos. You will continue to have access to your classrooms on Vimeo using the passwords that were sent to you prior to artdemos closing.

As many of you already know my husband suffered a debilitating stroke in April, 2013. The man I had depended on for 42 years was replaced by someone who needed more of my time and help. His stroke was a blow to us emotionally and physically but helped me to re-evaluate my life choices. I thought I could still maintain a large group of people and meet their needs just as I've done on the web since 1998. Admitting I could no longer do that has been difficult for me. But by moving to this new format I think I will be able to keep both my family and to my students.

I still welcome new students despite the change of venue. If you are interested in learning new ways to work with your Gelli Plate there are two workshops available called Art of the Gelli 1 & 2. I also have a classroom for taking care of hopelessly paint encrusted paint brushes...yes, they can be saved! There are other classes available and if you are interested in any one of these please contact me at and I will forward a PayPal invoice and send the passwords for immediate access to the classrooms.

Those of you who have expressed concern over my artistic angst be assured, I still suffer from it, but I have also gone back to my first and greatest artistic love, Photography. I anticipate spending the next 50 or so years creating and selling fine photo artistry prints. You can see a few of them right now in my Etsy shoppe:Photo Artistry Cafe.

Thank you all for your support of during 2012-13. It was a dream that I made happen and I will never regret having had the experience. Happy New Year and blessings to you all!