Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Weeks

Two weeks from DD wedding. Last minute things to do so I don't know when I'll be posting again. After 14 months I've lost most of my readers anyway :) Congratulations to my BFF, Pam on the birth of a grandson last evening. It seems like yesterday I was the one getting married and populating the world. How quickly time moves by us all...that faint breeze you feel?'s your life passing you by. Get up and do something with it before it's too late!

Polyvore Contest - Lemon & Lime Dolls

Doll.png for Lemons & Limes Contest

Dolls Hat.png

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The countdown is on!

Just 16 days left until the wedding. The pressure is on with the whole family. Dieting has reached a feverish pace as everyone tries to lost those last 5 lbs. they've been sporting for years. Why do we drive ourselves to perfection for a wedding? Why can't we just show up in flip flops and flowered shirts and get them hitched? Instead we spends thousands of dollars, squeeZe ourselves into girdles and cummerbunds to look good for people we probably won't see again for years. I'm not stressed, not me. I'm releasing all of my tensions by playing on Polyvore. I wanted to let you have a mini experience of the site so I've uploaded a wee taste for y'all to play with. Enjoy styling!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Illustrations for Polyvore

First illustrations for use on Polyvore

In the Beginning Grace

To be so consumed by something that you think sleep is an unnecessary time-out is to feel the passion of your art. Last night, for the first time, I used polyvore for something other than hunting and gathering great imagery. I made my first ever collage, called "In the Beginning". This morning I jumped on the computer to check my eBay sales and noticed that I had an extra tab opened to Polyvore with a collage I started and then abandoned earlier in the evening. I couldn't find its direction last night but this am it became quite clear who it wanted to be and "Grace" emerged with just a bit of coaxing.
"Grace" reminded me of a prayerful woman in a church lady hat
I'm still in the beginning stages of this new passion but isn't that when the love is the greatest...when the thrill of creation is brand new?

In the Beginning

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaack

My daughter is getting married in less than 3 weeks and I've been kept busy all this past winter preparing for the big event. Last winter I spent PAINTING, PAINTING, PAINTING. My daughter moved in with her fiance last April so I spent that crazy, snowy winter in my living room under the skylight painting all of the 14 paintings that hang in her gorgeous apartment. For those who thought I just disappeared and abandoned the're half right. I was just going to walk away from this blog and start a new one and then I thought...NO...this one has history, and followers, and just needs some time and attention! So I'm back with a new determination and direction for my life and work. As soon as my daughter's nuptials are behind me I want to use this blog to offer images for use on new passion. I was led to start using that site by an amazing article in Somerset Studios Digital Studio magazine...the Spring 2012 issue. The article was written by Sheree Burlington, owner of It's been a long time since anything has sparked my creative fires and the article literally set my heart on fire for a new direction and a new addiction...POLYVORE! If you're a clothes horse, a collage artist, or just a lover of fun apps, you HAVE to check out Eventually I want this blog to host my own drawings, paintings and photographs so that users of Polyvore can incorporate them into their work. In the meantime, anyone looking for the perfect little gift for Mom or Grandma should check out my latest eBay listings at the_wild_gypsy. See y'all soon. Oh, btw, if anyone is wondering about the state of my health, the day before my daughter's wedding, May 10th, will mark the 7th anniversary of my remission from breast cancer. Not bad for an old broad who they had counted out from day one. AND, since I went to a more healthy and vegetable based diet, I'm down 16 out Jersey, the Girl is back in town!