Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lisa Bebi paint over collage technique: An explanation!

Because I've gotten sooooo many 'what the hecks' I decided I'd better write just a bit more about this technique as presented in the 30 page article in the Spring 2008 edition of Somerset Workshop where she explains how to do this 'technique'.
And I quote: "Find a glamour ad with an image of a person that speaks to you. Photocopy the image a couple of times. The rawness of the ripped out edge adds to the overall effect, so do not trim it. Paint the background color in a bright acrylic color on a canvas board. Ultimately you will have a soft piece, so choose an initial color that is bright so that a bit of it will peek through the layers. When the background paint has dried, adhere the torn image onto the top by using matte medium to the back of the image and generously to the canvas support. Carefully rub any excess medium out of all the bubbles and pockets. Once the canvas is dry, paint around the figure with bright color (she used orange) where you think there would be true color for the gown and a bit of this color should be worked into her skin and hair. While still wet, paint highlights with cool white. While both these colors are wet, stamp into the paint with various images that suggest femininity and possibly classic style. When completely dry, add further embellishments. I love to use a thick painterly style around a beautiful delicate looking figure." Lisa's piece was a beautifully gowned woman called "Beginning to Feel the Cold". If you can get a copy of a Somerset Workshop it appears on page 53.
You can also find more info at:
I'm fascinated by this technique because it's got a certain energy to begin with and adding your own style with acrylic paint and stamps takes it to a different level. This week I'm going to be using vintage family photos with this technique and I'll be posting more to my blog as I go along.

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