Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lisa Bebi unique paint-over collage technique

I've read about this technique several times and finally decided to try it out. I'm pretty pleased with the result considering this was my first try. I left her face mostly unpainted because I loved her sassy look.

I'm working on painting number two but the weather that Hanna the Hurricane pushed in front of her is so tropical I feel like I'm breathing soup. But I'll be back at the drawing board as soon as I Tweet this blog posting. If the other piece is done tonight, I'll post it here as well. Thanks for looking. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND CRITIQUES, that's the only way that I'll be able to hone my technique since I'm doing this by reading an article and not by taking a hands-on class.


  1. This is really fabulous! How big is the canvas? I think this technique would be FABulous in a poster size! VERY COOL!