Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's been awhile...

Three and a half months since I last blogged. I have excuses and some of them are even good ones! I had to move my studio because my DD returned with her hubs so that they could save money for a home of their own. The move took the last half of February and ALL of March. They moved in on April 1st and on April 14th my DH suffered a stroke. It was a clot on his brain stem and it caused some damage that may or may not resolve itself. He is still partially paralyzed on the right side (he's a righty) and unable to do a lot of things he would normally be doing on a daily basis. BUT...that does not mean that life is sad or even hopeless. I am grateful for each little victory that he has achieved and thankful that my DD and her beloved were with me the day it happened.

I am in the midst of re-discovering my painting style. Took a BIG detour via online classes with Mindy Lacefield, Juliette Crane, Jane Davenport, Carla Sonheim, Christy Tomlinson & Tamara LaPorte. But the detour finally took me full circle and showed me what I DID love to paint so as the saying goes...'it's all good'. I hope to get back into blogging on a weekly basis. And sharing some of the things that I learned during my artistic detour. The biggest one being how to use a Gelli Plate! Hope you'll stick around or join me if you haven't already because I plan to offer giveaways & links to online vids that you may find helpful.