Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've got a bunch of returns to make to ACMoore and Michaels. And it all started when one of my Avon customer's bras didn't fit. Is there never a simple story in my life! Anyway a dear friend who fell in love with a particular bra asked if she bought two and they didn't fit could she return them. Absolutely. Because Avon guarantees everything they sell. So she ordered these gorgeous PINK Bali bras and racked up a 45.00 bill.

OK...since I'd had such a great campaign with Avon I decided to buy some cake decorating items from my favorite craft stores. One thing lead to another and I dipped into my 'profits' in my Avon account. When my friend tried on the bras they fit beautifully but were thin enough that her nipples showed through! She called up almost in tears because she loves pink, loves the bras but at 58 isn't interested in people staring at her chest...and she's a public speaker so guaranteed they would be staring and whispering! BTW...she's a GORGEOUS sized 10 redhead so the men would obviously be real keen on her new 'look'.

No problem to return them BUT I have to pay Avon tonight and she needs that 45.00 back and since I'd already spent my profits I figured I better find a way to come up with the money. So I started looking at my craft purchases over the last week and that lead to looking at the ones I made a couple of weeks ago that are still in their packages.......and........I thought...what the heck, I'll return everything and figure out a way to make do without all of this extra stuff!

Actually I'm kinda proud of myself. It's usually difficult for me to part with ANYTHING but especially things that were part of a 'dream' project. So I just have to change the direction of the 'dream' and I'll be fine. :( In the meantime I've got money coming back so I can refund her and have enough to pay for the Christmas gifts I purchased for the family on 'time' from Avon. I think this is why I didn't make it as an Avon lady 30 years ago...way too much temptation to spend, spend, spend! Off to finally eat breakfast, ttyl

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