Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rental Jersey Shore

Here's the latest on the home front. Sis is back home and is back to being the Designated Daughter. It's so hard on her but without a car it's difficult for me to give her any time off. I need to be dropped off at Mom's house so I can use her car to drive her around. Between keeping bread on the table with my art and finding new ways to get about in this new economy I don't have a lot of free time. Not to say that my sister does either but TG she's willing to do more than her part with Mom.

DD, this time Dear Daughter, is so excited about her scores on the civil service test. She scored a 90 or an 89.862 and I told her to round up to the nearest whole number to which her reply was...I really don't want to lie...did I do a good job or what? Anyway, she's networked with a lot of her friends and one of them is a cop at Fort Monmouth, a government facility scheduled for closure in 2011 (to save us money and it's costing millions to close it down!!, your government dollars at work!!) but they're still hiring civilian cops as well as forensic detectives and her dream since high school has been to work in forensics. Yes, my dear friends, my DD would like to be "Bones" of Fox network fame. She did a mentorship for a year with the Monmouth County prosecutor's office and going out for pizza after a particularly grizzly and gruesome scene is apparently not stomach turning for her. As an artist all I can say is icky, icky ach!!!
As a traditionalist I would prefer that she date her friend's best friend...A 30 something Irishman who drives a rolls royce and lives in a community that has "Estates" as part of its title. I don't think she's opposed to the idea but after her heartbreaking relationship with 'the only man I ever loved' she's not willing to date anyone seriously. My DH is opposed to anyone she dates as well but as I told him, if Jesus himself were to come knocking, DH would say "he's only a carpenter"!

Anyway we'll see where that leads but at the moment she's on the hunt for a roommate, preferably a male who enjoys decorating and shopping as much as she does. She can't keep up with the rent and if she doesn't get caught up, the eviction notice goes out on 12.31.08 and then she'll be homeless. So if you know anyone who lives in the Jersey Shore area and is looking to share an 8 room house for $700 a month, you've got my number :)

On the crafting front, I spent all yesterday working on my petite fours and I think I've almost got it. I've figured out how to make them look really edible...finally..
I'll post later today if I finish them up. The blogging has been rather long today but I always do this when I'm putting off doing something that I know is going to be labor intensive. But it's almost noon EDT and since I slept the night through I really do need to use this energy for something other than catching y'all up on my life.

Off to play with the faux food, folks. Hugs to all of you for a creative day. I'll twitter this posting so you can catch up. Remember, too that I'd like to get a creative swap of craft supplies going so check my ultimate recycle post below.

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