Monday, October 06, 2008

Faux Cupcakes and CATS!!!

Here's the stuff of which legends will be made:

I got the papers, doilies and ballerinas at the 1.00 Power Store. What used to be the 99 cent store until they decided that they needed to make more money and started charging up to 12.99 for what used to sell for a buck. *Sigh* fortunately or unfortunately, the cost of chocolate is still only $1.25 for a BIG bag of Dove or Hershey's Dark Chocolate Truffles. Ouch! My thighs are growing just thinking about it!

Oh and look who snuck in here to see what was going on with favorite furry baby boy, Sebastian.

Anyhoo..I'm planning on trying to make a few faux today. Then I want to photograph them in a vignette setting and we'll see where that goes. I'm still trying to firm up an answer to the question my DH asked days ago. I'm getting closer but still no definitive answer at this time. What will the wild gypsy still be doing in five years??? Stay tuned!

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