Thursday, October 09, 2008


From tiny acorns, giant oaks grow and my idea for starting a how-to is beginning to evolve into the Go Green-Ultimate Recycle project. There are those of you out there who really don't have the money to purchase craft supplies to start living your dream. In the spirit of going green and recycling all of the extras I've collected and hoarded over the years, I'm inviting anyone with a NEED to post what they are looking for in the comment section below.

If I find it in my studio I'll be happy to send it along to you. And if you've got something that you'd like to move forward, just post it in the comments below as well. Most of us have more than we'll ever use...I know I do so I'll be more than happy to pass it along. Great way to clean house and a better way to go green and recycle!

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  1. Hi There! What a great idea...and how incredibly generous of you! Here's a list of a few things I need:

    vintage lace
    vintage images of children
    vintage kids books
    german dresden shapes
    cowgirl anything
    deep canvas (1/2 or deeper...any size painting surface is fine)

    Here's what I have to share:
    seed beads
    paint brushes
    vintage ephemera
    vintage pipe cleaners
    old encyclopedias (1960s) great images and text!
    Victoria Magazine (1997 forward)