Monday, October 13, 2008

Back from Hiatus

God Bless my sister!!! She's been away since Thursday night on vacation with her DH. That left me as DD or Designated Daughter to our 85 yro Mom. Mom's a kick but a handful at the same time and I TG all the time for my DS, Dear Sister, who takes the brunt of the hauling about since she has a car. Mom has a car as well but because of the arthritis in her right knee we don't like her driving any farther than around her local area. Thusly I became the Designated Driving Daughter for the weekend. It wasn't bad but was time consuming and now I'm off to play today with my faux food toys.
Hopefully I'll finally have something finished that I want to show off later today. Have a productive day everyone...that's what I'm wishing for myself as well. Just wish I'd gotten more than four hours sleep! :o is a new piece I did yesterday. She's from the Dipsy Diva series!

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