Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin - Biden Debate

Listening to the VP debate. I keep hearing the word Maverick...wasn't that a TV program? Hmmmmmmmm...I'm not sure that there is a real Sarah Palin...I think there's only Tina Fey.


  1. LOL...I agree, only Tina Fey.....lolol...and yes I heard her say "O Biden"...lololol....and hey I do remember that TV show....

    your posts made me laugh and at the same time made me feel as if someone else feels as I do about this person....

  2. I'm so glad you heard her say "Senator O'Biden"...It was so quick and said in passing I think most missed it. As soon as she said "can I call you Joe" at the getgo I knew we would be in for some zingers. She made a few very rehearsed comments but other than that the winking and blinking and general smart mouth remarks left me cold. I'd love to see a woman as president. But preferably one who is post menopausal. Hillary was my choice. She at least has never said she can see Alaska from her front window and then call it foreign policy.