Sunday, October 05, 2008


Who knew cupcakes were so popular? I started out looking for instructions on how to make faux cupcakes and spent at least a half day looking at the most delicious looking faux foods as well as CUPCAKES.

Seems that while I was busy painting ACEOs the world has gone cupcake crazy. I never saw such a long list of bakeries specializing in the tiny little cakes I remember from my childhood. Let me correct this...these cupcakes were the kind that I dreamed about when I was a child. Gorgeous, artistic little cakes that have made my mouth water even tho' I knew that half the ones I was looking at were probably made out of some product found at Home Depot!!

I uploaded five new Halloween ACEOs I've painted over the last two days. You can see my initial paintings in one of my postings below and then today I painted two pastel colored ghosties. Here are Lonnie and Lou, the latest postings to eBay and starting at just 99 cents each. Am I crazy...guess so but I've got to generate some interest in my work. After all, didn't DH tell me to start a 5 year plan. Maybe I should just do cupcakes :) it's time to head off to settle down for the evening. Think I'll dig out some cupcake recipes. Nighty Nite from Jersey.

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