Thursday, October 09, 2008


How to live life to the fullest. That sounds like a good blog posting for today. I am finding myself renewed tho' still exhausted. I'll have the results tomorrow of the gazillion blood tests that my primary ordered on Tuesday. Barring any bad results that need attention, I'll be starting some special how-to dos on this blog.

My Dad always said that anyone who had an idea but wouldn't share it, had only one really good idea. I think he may be right about that and in the spirit of how he lived his life (he would have been 86, yesterday)I want to start posting articles about how to do all sorts of things.

I've been so blessed much of my life, but never really stopped to enjoy those blessings. Now I want to share my ideas and the how-tos that I've learned over the last, dare I say it...60 years! I'm also opening up this blog to all of you who may have wanted to know how to do something but could never find the correct instructions for doing it. If I know, I'll post it. If I don't know, I'll reach out to someone who I think might know. That way, this will be a blog with a purpose. Not just a posting of every passing day.

So if you want to know something, or if you know something you want to share, PLEASE post your comments. I think that together we might make a difference, even if only a small one, in someone's life!

God loves YOU, and so do I!


  1. What a great idea!

    On living life to the fullest-I would say if you have an itch to do something DO IT right then and there-or if it is to cost prohibitive start the saving process NOW.

    Procrastination is totally life sucking.

    (looking forward to more of these!)


  2. Good point Molly. Starting from where we all are RIGHT NOW is the only place to begin. Life does not offer guarantees and we do make our own future! By thoughts, words and deeds we create everything that will be in our future life. That's why I want echo Molly and say...JUST DO IT NOW.

    And if you need something you THINK is necessary to begin your project, post what it is. All of us crafters usually have more than enough of everything and maybe one of us has what you need!!