Friday, October 17, 2008


Posted below are three sets of Halloween ACEOs that I'm giving away FREE. At 10 am, Saturday, Oct. 25th I will randomly pick one person from the comments left under each posting as the winner and will get them in the mail before noon that day so you can enjoy them for Halloween.

The way to enter the giveaway is simple. Below the post that contains the set you love the most, leave me a comment. That puts you in the running to win that set. And if you'd like it, and I WOULD LOVE IT, add yourself as a follower of this blog and I will in turn link to you so that we can create a network together. The followers section is the second section down on the right of this page.
I've got LOTS of followers of my art and this invite is going out to them as well. So linking to me can only bring you MORE traffic. With 980+ freedback on eBay I've got a goodly amount of people who LOVE my work and that, my friends, is a very good thing!

Happy Halloween y'all. Now go post to one of the blog postings below.
Hugs from Jersey!


  1. Hi THere!
    The crows and the vintage little girls are SO adorable! What a wonderful giveaway! Count me IN!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Twitter!

  2. Hi Carolyn! Happy to meet a fellow thriver and survivor, life liver and giver!

    I'll be linking to follow you and you can follow me...connecting and working together gives us "the power"!