Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gallery Show 11.14.08

I'm excited about my first gallery show in 15 years. I'll be part of a group show in my hometown of Belmar, NJ on the 14th of next month. Anyone in Jersey and close to Belmar is invited. Here's a flier they forwarded for posting:

My daughter has a blind date tonight. After several failed relationships with 'hot' guys she decided to allow a friend to 'fix her up' with his friend. So unlike her but I guess she's tired of the 'hotties' only interested in her body, not her mind. This is one of my favorite 'photos' of her. It was done with a 'toy' camera and then manipulated quickly in Photoshop with a simplify filter.

Fired up the wood stove for the first time this season. We don't have a working heating system so depend on it for our winter warmth. NJ is usually bearable during the cold months but unbearable in the summer. Very hard to runaway from the heat but during the winter I can always escape to the unheated rooms to cool down.

Off to work on some sketches for the show. Happy weekend all.

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