Thursday, June 11, 2009

Economic Downturn

Economic Downturn puts the kybosh on my sabbatical!! is my new area of creativity. I always said I wouldn't go to work for my son, CEO of BBP, but I've learned a few things over the last month. One of which is that my creativity is NOT limited to what comes off the tip of my brush.

I started out last month by declaring that I was going on a four month sabbatical. That I was going to spend the time 'finding' my artistic spirit. What I DID NOT count on was the effects of the Economic Downturn the country is in AND the effect it would have on my family's budget without my paltry contributions from my art sales. So in a word, the Economic Downturn has been BAD for my sabbatical but GOOD for my peace of mind. Taking off the month of May I discovered a number of things about myself.
1. I'm NOT happy painting pretty little pictures or collaging encouraging words on a piece of art.
2. I am happiest when I'm behind the lens of a camera.
3. Selling off my old gold jewelry didn't hurt a bit especially with spot gold at an all time high.
4. I can settle almost any bill with any company by being reasonable, calm and convincing.
5. That going back to 'work' is an inevitability BUT
6. Working for my son is allowing me to use some atrophied creative muscles. Those of the long retired copywriter and PR person.

My first bit of business will be finding men and women to refer friends, family or brokers to BBP who will in turn pay said person a 10% - 40% referral fee if the broker is hired through us. Sounds easy but I've found that the word stockbroker brings up a lot of hateful words and descriptions when googled! So my job isn't going to be easy. But I'm determined to help my son's company soar! The potential is great because a. we're helping people find jobs and b. we're helping families overcome their own Economic Downturn.

If you know anyone who is a broker, a broker/dealer or a WAHM who'd like to work for us by providing referrals, just comment on this post. One hand helps the other and in this economy we all need a helping hand!
Carolyn, a Jersey Girl

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