Monday, December 15, 2008


I want to introduce you to an artist that can make me smile no matter how bad the day may seem! Jennifer Nilsson, the heart and art behind Mouser-kins™ produces not only sweet as sugar characters, but her own sweet self is someone I feel privileged to have come to know through our association with the wonderful site,

One of her characters that I absolutely adore is the PepperMint Fairy. She has him available as a set of four blank notecards. Click the picture below to go directly to that auction or search for Mouser-kins in the keyword search.

Be sure to see all of her adorable mouse art on her LolliShops site: mouserkinswhimsies
You can go directly there by clicking on the logo below or on the title of this blog post.


  1. OMGoodness gracious! How very sweet of you! Thank you so much; what a wonderful surprise!
    Much love to you, dear girl....

  2. Oh, those are so cute! I've never seen them- I'll have to check them out for myself.