Saturday, December 20, 2008

FauX FeaTHeR TRee

It's the Holiday season but my head has been into our spring line of craft supplies and instruction CDs for Primsy*Whimsy, our new LolliShops Shoppe. Instead of wrapping presents for underneath the tree I spent the week working out the instructions for making a faux feather tree. I am a penny pincher and figured out how to create it for under ten dollars! You can see that it still needs finishing but I just HAD to show it off to everyone I know. I'm in love with feather trees!

I chose to make it in a Shabby Chic PINK but it could be made in any color that pleases your fancy. Keep your eyes open for this upcoming craft project that is an original Primsy*Whimsy design. All designs are copyrighted and subject to the copyright protection law. Carolyn Sadowski is the originator of this design on 12/19/08.


  1. I saw you on twitter. I like your feather tree. Pink is the thing! Is your blog raining envelopes? That's fun!

  2. Beautiful! I love it!
    Merry Christmas!
    ps. Check out my blog, Danita is having a doll giveaway!

  3. Too cute!! I can't wait to see how this gets decorated, you're so clever, lol!

  4. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this !!!!

  5. Thank you for joining pah-ty! did you get clobbered with snow fairies?
    Love the cutie logos on sidebar..where you get those? Any luck with your Lolli?

  6. this blog is "blog~a~licous" I love it!!!