Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There was a game we played as children. You had to be blindfolded and be trusting enough of your friends and/or family that they would not put you in harm's way. That's how I've been feeling lately. I've been blindfolded. Groping around in the dark trying to decide if I dared to move ahead without fear.

With trepidation I announced to my customers on Sunday that I would no longer be selling Avon. It's been my saving grace, my pocket money, my little bit of security against total financial insecurity. But my customers have been dropping off one by one because of their own financial problems so that it has left me hardly breaking even. The amount of work for just a few dollars would be better invested in my new LolliShop, PrimsyWhimsy.

So I did it, put in my last order, 30% of which are gifts for family and friends. And then by stepping off into the void I hit the bottom and bounced up, up and away!! I received an email from the owner of LolliShops: "Hello! I would like Primsy Whimsy to be the Weekend Artist the weekend of January 9th-12th". Amazing, spine tingling serendipity OR the plan the universe had for me all along and was just waiting for me to step off and find my wings?

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