Thursday, December 11, 2008

LolliShop Lover

I LOVE my LolliShop. It's such an amazing community that surrounds it. With Sadie Hartmann at its helm, Lollishops is going to BE the place to BE in a very short time! is a group I started on facebook for all Lolli Lovers to post links to their shops. I think the more we network together the better the sense of community and the better our chances of success in each of our shops.

If you want to start your Lolli experience, feel free to start with: My sister and I are starting a craft supply business that will bring together some of the more unusual types of craft items. Vintage ones as well as our own handmade line of goodies. I am completely psyched about this site and totally support Sadie Lou and her crew and give them kudos for all of the work they are doing.

Do yourself a favor and shop homemade this year. And start with the LolliShops community:


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! You made me smile! : )
    I just joined the LolliShops....and I have to agree, it is a very good place to be!
    La Donna

  2. stock up on that seam binding ribbon! German glass glitter? sparkles! the best! Yummy pretty things : ) haha I'd LOVE buying from you two!
    I would realy like to get all my supplies from "lollishops suppliers" sooooooo You two have some work to do. BEST PRICES for all of US (to keep them all buying from you & for YOU to get big deals for yourself!to really enjoy doing it!) : )
    I wonder where everyone goes? did you ever post in the guild about it? i'll check that out too : )
    BEST wishes with it all!
    Joelle XO