Monday, December 22, 2008


Sad to admit that I can't wait for Christmas to be over this year. There are very few gifts to be given this year because of our own personal economic woes. But there is still the spirit of love in the family and for that I am grateful. I think the adverts on TV make you feel like a failure if you can't load up on gifts for everyone and come dressed to any affair in sparkles and new duds.

I'm concentrating on our lollishop (click icon at top of this post) because that's where I see the future as taking place. We'll start uploading Valentine's supplies after Christmas. I've been working on scanning, cleaning and preparing several Valentine collage sheets for download in our shop. Got some really nice ideas for Valentine's gifts as well. I love red so is it really any wonder why I love St. Val's Day.

Just in case I don't have the chance to talk to you all directly or through email, I wish you the best, the merriest, the healthiest Holiday season you've ever had!

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