Saturday, November 01, 2008

OBAMA best-suited

This is a portion of an editorial that appeared in The Reporter, a free local Jersey Shore paper on 10.30.08 and I wanted to share it with all of my readers.

"...Obama has the intellect needed to comprehend the complexities of the times and the ability to articulate his positions clearly and eloquently. He can inspire, and we believe he will be able to bring out the best in the American people at a time when our best will be needed. He also offers the best hope for building coalitions and winning back the support of our friends abroad, which he recognizes is critical, not only to help win the war on terrorism but to restore order in the world financial markets.

McCain has burned way too many bridges to lead at home or in the international arena. His abrasiveness and that of running mate Sarah Palin during the debates, at their rallies and in their barrage of attack ads have been in sharp contrast to the respectful presidential manner of Obama.

McCain has alienated the Germans, the Spanish and the French, and set the stage for a new cold war with Russia by stating in a debate that when he looks into the eyes of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, he sees "K-G=B." Thinking it is one thing. Saying it to the world is another.

An ongoing Economist magazine poll of its readers around the world indicates McCain would carry only two nations -- Macedonia and Georgia. Obama is preferered by 85 percent or more of the magazine's readers in Canada, Australia and most European, Caribean and South American nations.

Obama and McCain both have portrayed themselves as agents of change. Obama's claim rings true. McCain's does not. McCain has opposed President Bush and the Republican Party on some issues...McCain's views are barely distinguishable from those of Bush."

This editorial was surprising because this particular conglomerate of newspapers usually goes straight Republican!

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  1. I agree and I so HOPE for the CHANGE our country needs! I will get up early and vote tomorrow and HOPE that on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning that I will hear the words I long to hear "Barack Obama has won the presidential election."

    Thanks for sharing,