Sunday, November 09, 2008


Found out this evening that I need to have some kind of structure to hang all of my pieces for Friday's Gallery Bash in Belmar, NJ. Fortunately DH has a solution for me so I'm not as distraught as I was about four hours ago!

I'm getting really excited about this LolliShops beta opening on Saturday. It's also the Sugar & Spice bazaar at church so I'll have the gallery show Fri., Bazaar table Sat and the cyber opening of my wild gypsy shop on Sat. as well. Full creative week ahead so I've got to hit the sheets so I'll have the energy to do mega creating! If you're any kind of crafty be sure to click on the LolliShops banner to the right and pre-register. And be sure to tell 'em I sent you 'cause we get credit for recruiting our crafty friends!

Night all...big king sized bed and heating blanket are calling my name. Til tomorrow y'all, keep just might save your life!


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog! Yes, Lollishops is gonna' rock!!!
    And I'm an Obama supporter, also! Don't you love the sound of "President Barak Obama"?!!!

  2. First time in 8 years I will actually acknowledge that someone has and deserves the name of President!