Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's been almost a week and I haven't gotten around to posting my pics from last Friday's gallery bash. It was a blast and very profitable for me. Unfortunately not everyone made sales but I was one of the lucky ones. Here's what I was showing:

I met three wonderful artists who I so enjoyed spending time with. I will be sending them all emails this weekend. Didn't want to appear 'needy' so I didn't write to them :) Anyway, the show was great, the company was terrific and this happy artist is planning to do it again in the spring.

Next time I'll have more of my large art pieces. Most of what I had to show were pieces I sold on eBay and Etsy which were all small due to shipping costs and the challenge of packaging them for shipment! Hugs to all my followers and thanks to everyone who supported me this week during my daughter inspired 'crisis'. :)

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