Monday, January 26, 2009


We've all had those days where we wake up and think "WoW, this is gonna be a great day" and then about 5 minutes into it something happens that just derails you right then and there.

I'm an optimistic soul so I'm taking this as just a small bump in the road to financial success. I know I've blogged about, Twittered about, FaceBooked about, emailed about my LolliShop, PrimsyWhimsy (just click the logo above to visit). I was so enthusiastic about my participation in this new website because I could see that the work that had gone into it was well thought out. There was a vendor's Guild and a Shopping guild where you could promote your business to fellow vendors and shoppers alike. I could see the future as nothing but bright and rosy.

This past weekend I spent helping my DD get ready for a new room mate (yes my sweet baby is a bit of a piggy-poo)and so I missed all of the drama surrounding the dissolution of the two communities where all of the Lolli dreaming took place. Of course I wasn't there so I'll never really be sure what 'went down' but the CEO of LolliShops killed off these two communities that were precious to me and most of the vendors who participated. How or why the 'fight' began I don't know but apparently it was nasty and even went so far as to spread over to the Etsy groups. The Etsy groups I've never participated in because I've heard they are warrior class folk and LOVE to duke it out on the net:)I try and keep my online life as undramatic as possible since my 'real' life is more soap opera than comic strip!

Anyway, I digress...the groups were dissolved and now I'm left with a BIG question as to whether or not to open my own website and link thru Lolli. My stomach is actually knotting up as I write this because I put a lot of faith into the future of a site that I thought would finally be the answer to "where do I want to start up my business". It's not that the 'rent' isn't reasonable enough and is scheduled to go down a bit to promote more participation. BUT...without a forum for us to sell promote our business through, how do we even begin to reach a target audience?

I know that the owner is doing a lot of print advertising. I worked in the print media business for years so I know that it can be effective. Unfortunately not as effective as it once was because of the big take over of the Social Media groups such as the LolliShops Guild once was.

Most of the sales at our grand opening happened because as I've previously mentioned I used EVERY social media at my disposal to get the word out that we were open. Oddly enough...after I stopped promoting it that weekend three weeks ago we've only had ONE sale...and that one came because I posted to Twitter. *sigh*

I'm seriously re-thinking my career path at the moment but never fear...I have never before cried UNCLE and given up. I kicked the h*ll out of breast cancer and if I can beat that, I can surely find a way to solve my current insolvency.

Hugs and LOVE to all the friends I made on "The Guild". Leave a comment so we can reconnect and plan our next move.


  1. OMG!!! I had no clue this was even going on! I haven't sold a thing on Lollishops and haven't logged onto the guild for quite some time. That's insane!! If I don't have a sale within 6 months I'm not relisting. So glad I didn't buy business cards. This is very disheartening. ((HUGS)) and hang in there! I may just stick with good ole Etsy!

  2. I too loved the connection of the forums!
    They will be sorely missed for I have met & made so many new friends there!
    But I will keep on going...
    I still believe LolliShops is a good thing, I am saddened by everything that unfolded, which I was oblivious to until all was said & done.
    So we soldier on...
    Your Lollifriend,

  3. I think that one thing to remember is that Lollishops is new. It is run by one person who has put her heart and soul into it. She is human, and while I do not agree with her decision to close the forums, I do respect it.

    I think people say things they wouldn't dream of saying in person when they are online and bullying can occur. I believe that is what happened here, at least it's a hunch.

    People rag on Lollishops, but Etsy was horrid when it was brand new. People used to mock it, say it'd never work, etc. Lollishops really cannot, from a business standpoint, expect to be top dog or anywhere near it right off the bat.

    In the end, no matter where you sell, it is up to the individual business owner to promote--I have the option that goes from my Lollishops to my website directly and through my web tracking, many of my new customers are a direct result of Lollishops.

    Just my 2 cents--I DO miss the guild and wish that a few bad seeds didn't ruin it for everyone who believes Lollishops will be successful.

  4. WOW! Im so glad you stopped by my ONCE again NEW BLOG... im having such a hard time you have no clue.(I need to email you) anyways.... with my computer problems/hacker etc... I haven't been to the guild in awhile & I really needed it. well the support of the few who were so gracious & wonderful to me. I miss you all! even though EVERY single place of "REAL WORLD" has those XXXXX!!!! drama queens...I was hoping not LOLLISHOPS. but you know... they can't help theirselves.
    I know their everywhere. but maybe someone other than Sadie could do the dirty work. she has enough to do. (3 warnings or NO GUILD for you.) you know... its not over yet is it? nothing is ever completely over??? o well... maybe she just needs us to go somewhere else so as She doesn't need to worry about that & focus on other things? who knows.... i haven't been around but WOW Im sooo CURIOUS what the heck was going on. Please someone fill me in. also... whoever was the party pooper, gosh I want to know. I do not want to end up promoting those poopers!

    you know... I went 100% in & contributed like crazy in the begining & contributed all I could, posted tons of photo's and left so many people positive comments just to Push the Positive vibe.... it really stinks others can't do the same easy thing.
    Im here for all you Positive people with same goals... come find me! : ) haha ~
    hate to start another blog. really stinks.
    This is just the beginning... things happen to the best... hang in there. we'll all figure it out.

    *Surrund yourself with Positive people.* I have to. I need to.

    Big Huge (((hugs))) & kisses to you! XOXO

  5. Karley~I agree with you that too many people are jumping on Sadie at the same time and she is only ONE person and trying to do it all alone. I think I might just do as you are doing and make Lolli the gateway to my new website:
    We aren't up and running yet but hope to be by Feb. 1st. I really miss the forums and having been a list mom I know when you take the comments too personally it is heartbreaking!!!

    Joelle: I wouldn't expect a SHORT note from you...THAT would be Boooooring :)

    Priscilla: I absolutely agree with you about the forums. I had so many friends there and had no way to keep them once the forum closed down. However, I am on many of the ning groups so some of them are on those as well. I'm hoping that we'll all still be able to connect.

    Creative: sorry girl, don't know your name but follow your blog :)
    I've been on the net since '93 or '94 before all of the fancy SM forums were around and the one thing that back in the day we were VERY conscious of was 'netiquette'.
    Don't see a lot of that around anymore. Flaming seems to be tolerated and I have to agree with Karley that if the people who were dissing whatever (remember I missed the ENTIRE bruhaha :) were standing face to face with Sadie they WOULD not be acting in such a shameful way. I wish I could get a neutral opinion or observation on what happened because there is only rumor and speculation going on by most of us right now.

    Now for some good news that has taken place within the last 6 hours. Mia Bella Coll. has started a merchant group for us refugees! Contact her at: for an invite to the IndiePublic group where it's being housed. If you know others who were on the forums please let them know. Mia is trying to re-establish the community again so that we can use it to promote our shops.
    Thanks to all of you who have commented so far. Sadie is trying her darndest to get things going and I'm praying that this is just a bump in the road we need to smooth out before it becomes a pot hole. BTW...Mia has asked that we not re-hash anything that happened this weekend. So I guess I shall remain clueless has I have most of my life...LOL :)

  6. Ehh...insanity happens everywhere! Best of luck with your decisions!
    Have a good night!

  7. I am a new "Lolli" and because of computer problems did not get to be involved and meet you all in the Guild. It took the .Ning team almost two weeks to figure a way to get me into the Guild. Anyway, I could not believe what I read this morning and now I know why I wasn't able to access it, again.
    I am very disappointed and sad that all this happened and I did not get to meet many of you. Words fail me as I find this sort of thing so unnecessary in a time when we are all trying so hard to exist.


  8. HI Carolyn! :)
    You know my position on the whole situations, BUT regardless of the choice I made to leave LolliShops, I still hold the friends I've made through the Guild very dear to me!
    I am right here for you ALWAYS.

    I just want EVERYONE who reads Carolyn's post and the comments made here to know that whether to stay w/ LS or leave LS is a personal decision for each and every vendor, I do not advocate one way or the other..just know that I love you all :)

  9. waves*

    I have no idea what is going on either, I appreciate the link to the indie site so maybe I can stay connected!


  10. So sorry that you Lollishoppers lost all the info on your community pages. I'm a member of American Craft Guide Community ( and noticed that they have a Lollishops group over there, too -- so it may be worth checking out. I'm not sure how many people are in the group yet, but it might be worth taking a peek...