Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Penny Ante

My plan for getting back to selling on eBay has worked quite successfully. When I realized that my LolliShops PrimsyWhimsy shop was not going to make the cut for me I knew I needed a 'hook' to get me back and on top of the heap of ACEOs on eBay. So I thought since I wasn't making any money anywhere I might as well go for broke. In early January I started selling my ORIGINAL aceo art starting at just a penny with free shipping. And YES, I lost money. How could I not! But slowly the tide has turned and now my once penny pieces are going for up to $10.00. So ok, I'm not going to change the economy with what I'm making at the moment but I've just begun! And I have a plan. And I'm working that plan!! Now I still start them at a penny but I charge 60 cents for shipping. Making a bit more but the plan is slowly expanding and this week I hope to have jewelry to offer. You might want to see my progress by clicking the icon below. If you check my feedback numbers you'll see how much each person paid and the progressive upward trend. Yay for the good ole Lincoln Penny. My Daddy always said: Take care of your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. Miss you were almost always right :)


  1. My stuff is just sitting in Lollis plus with the closing of the ning lolli buyers how would I get sales..anyway a great idea!I use to sell my big priced items on ebay before the fallout and everyone went to etsy.On etsy I do not think there are buyers for high priced items? I sold one piece out of the blue on etsy.What do you think?thank you for inspiring me to pick up my brush..I have tiny canvas's just sitting around! I think someone told me the best in sales is to get a couple regulars.I love your father's quote!!

  2. Hey Girly,
    Just thought of you & wondered how your doing... I did ebay a gazillion years ago. I thought about doing it for really diff. pieces just to try it again. Gota get your name out there too ( well me anyways...) wouldn't mind a bidding war either...haha anyways... im still BUSY entertaing(TRYING) my 2 year old... im too old for all this! ; ) haha
    I want to create & sell but so many distractions right now : (

    Wish you all the best!
    Joelle XO