Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Right now I'm in hard labor ready to give birth to a whole new way of buying craft supplies. is undergoing the initial birthing pangs and by this weekend I hope it will be ready for viewing.

Right now it has a very graphic intensive front page so I'm afraid it may well be difficult for those with dial-up to view. If you're a dial up customer, do me a HUGE favor and click on the icon above. It will take you to our site (and I'll even let you buy if you insist :) and let me know if it's difficult to view or takes too long. I'm putting most auctions on the front page but I may have to cut back to just a few so it makes it easier for those viewing it to get into the site before your browser times out.

Right now I'm still in process, laboring away, getting the hundreds of items that I've got for sale up. Unfortunately these long hours on the computer has caused my OA in my dominant hand to kick up and it's getting painful spending this kind of time. But never fear, I'll labor on until it's ready and waiting to fulfill all of your cottage style and shabby chic crafting needs. And every once in awhile I think I'll be like the big chain stores and offer coupons here on my blog. Follow this blog so you won't miss out on anything new or exciting.

AND, if you have needs that you can't fulfill in the crafting world and would like to see specific items in the shoppe, comment below. I take every comment to heart and will do my best to get you what you need!
Carolyn, a Jersey Girl


  1. Hey Girlfriend...
    I just came across your widget on their site. YOUR ahead of me!!!! haha ... I just joined 2 days ago. have no clue if it works??? Hope so.
    Off to check out your link.
    Hope your doing well.
    I'll be back!
    Ciao ~
    Joelle XO