Tuesday, March 04, 2008

http://artandcraftauctions.com update

There are now over 285 users at http://artandcraftauctions.com and we have added user groups. I'm overworked keeping up with everyone and everything but it's worth it to see artists selling their work daily.

I'm trying to find time to get to my own artwork but it's hard. By the time I get done with keeping track of postings and memberships which is a left brain activity I can't seem to kick into right brain mode which is essential to my work. I've been able to get a few paintings done

Pink Kitty

Flowers in her Hair

But I'd like to do a couple of primsical pieces...you know prim whimsy folk art...but I just can't dig out the hours I need and then I don't have the drive to get it done.

I'm frustrated but glad to have finally gotten ArtACA out of my head and into the 'real' world via the net. I feel like I have a newborn who needs constant mommy stuff done. Watching it grow up will be as satisfying as motherhood has been.
We added a new category called Art Dolls-OOAK for all of those dolls that aren't craft but aren't quite art either. I may even list my chimney pot faeries...if I can figure out where I've stored them.

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