Friday, February 22, 2008

I've been busy working with over 250 follow artists to set up an Art and Craft ONLY website at I first posted about this on 2/6/2008 to a number of my on line groups at eBay and within three days the snowball started rolling down hill. By the 11th we had 260+ artists offering suggestions and wish lists to a small group of techies and money men. Less than a week later the site was LIVE and as of this posting we have over 200 buyers and sellers of original art.

I see a bright future for this endeavor as more and more artists find their way to our site and post some of the best art you'll see on the internet. My own humble contributions can be seen in the slide show below. Hope you'll come and visit sometime real soon. I think you might like an alternative to the big "E" where the fees are lower and the tech support sensitive to all of their users needs.

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