Thursday, March 20, 2008 update

This NEVER happened on eBay. Had FOUR sales this evening. While I was chatting on the phone with my sister my inbox started cachinging with sale after sale. I am sooo
happy with the response that my clients have had to my leaving eBay and concentrating my efforts on listing on ArtACA only. I did post one piece on eB tonight. It's Nibblefest today so I couldn't resist listing a digital piece for 99 cents. Hopefully I'll get some bids but it's a way of getting folks to see that I'm listing on another site as well since I always do the artandcraftauctions(.)com thingie to comply with the rules.
So now I have some extra $$$ in Paypal and can actually use that 50% off coupon tomorrow morning! Yipee Skipee...this is working out so well. I've made more in the last month on the new site than I did the entire three months on the big E.
Off to bed but will be back to post again, soon...I AM getting better about posting!


  1. Congrats do you mean on new auction or ebay? Thank you for posting bon bon! I love your artwork inspiring my muse to blow the dust off my paintbrush!

  2. Mon Amie Papier~these are sales on our NEW shop
    It's fabulous and I think you are already there, non?