Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Year ~ New Promises

Being a right-brainer I sometimes forget how important self-promotion is. I tend to think that since I'm making art, people will obviously find me. I keep forgetting that if they don't have your addresss they can't locate you in a sea of billions of others. It must be my "god complex" acting up. I tend to think that the world revolves around me but of course it doesn't, does it? Or does it? :)

I was so pleased to start the New Year off with this great award:

I'm a Diva Queen AGAIN! The last piece that won this award was this little sweetie:

So do you think you can spot a style change? I'm finally painting from my heart instead of from a place where I think that others will bid and buy. I've re-vamped this blog, and my Etsy shop and make a promise to myself to blog every day!

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