Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What did I DO???

I'm always amazed when something I do without thinking brings unexpected good/bad results. So when my son asked me what did I do early this morning that caused ten new sign-ups to ArtDemos I had to stop and think. What did I do??? So in order these are the things I did:
1. Stumbled from bed and checked myFacebook account.
2. Uploaded a new art journaling rant to my YouTube Channel.
3. Posted to my favorite group on FB Magically Mixed Art Community.
4. Posted my YouTube vid to my own Ning groupArtDemos.
5. Joined an ACEO swap on Tam LaPorte's Willowing Group.
6. Screamed nasty words when our electric went off this morning for 4 minutes.
7. Posted links to my newest class Bunny & Valentine.
8. Painted more pictures!!
9. Did my mother's PT test as I do every Tuesday.
10. Bought two candy bars. My favorite Dove Dark Chocolate and a Snickers with Almonds.

So which of the preceding brought so many new members to Art Demos? I'd say it's a toss-up but my favorite part of the morning was eating my Dove Dark Chocolate!!


  1. It was the Chocolate that brought Me! Loving your ICAD Posts daily! I'm new to the both the Art and the Blogging World:) Looking forward to getting to know you and your art more!!

  2. I am so darned Dyslexic that I couldn't figure out the "Spam Detector" Word! I always have my kids do it for me! If I look like span...it's just Backwards me trying to stand on my head to figure out the funny letters!