Thursday, February 07, 2013


So here at the Jersey Shore we're still talking about superstorm Sandy, the once in a hundred years storm, as if it just happened last week. We probably always will. It's a storm that no one else has ever experienced...the perfect storm...the storm that left the shore in splinters & sand. Now we wait once again for the snow storm that may or may not be. The only clear prediction is that it will slam into New England but it could/might miss The Shore. After the disastrous snow storm that followed Sandy we are all a bit on edge. After one expected a non-hurricane to destroy miles and miles and miles of beachfront. To leave tens of thousands of people homeless. To make Mother Ocean inaccessible. So we wait...

Fortunately for me waiting isn't without its rewards. I busy myself sketching and painting and video taping new demonstrations for Art Demos, my online workshop site. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, make money doing it and teach hundreds of people how to express their creative spirits. There are so many ideas whirling around in my brain that sometimes I wake up in the morning with a totally new idea of what to teach and how to teach it. When I was young my Daddy's mantra was...find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life. Daddy's gone now but his words of wisdom linger because he's right. When I realized that when Dad left this earth, an entire library burned. He took with him all of the knowledge and skills and stories and wisdom that had colored my world for almost 50 years. As I approach my 'golden years' I too realize that if I don't pass along all of the knowledge that I've gained over the years that I too will be taking a 'library' with me. So for right now, in this place I choose to pass along all of the 'secrets' I've learned over the years. All of the special 'I do it this way' skills that over 40 years as a professional artist has taught me.

The next time YOU think there is nothing special about you...stop and think of all of the things you have learned thus far and be sure to show someone how to do it 'your way'. If you are interested in creatively expressing yourself, join a community of like minded people. Within just the past week over 50 people have joined the membership rolls of Art Demos and are enthusiastically cheering me on to teach more things. Thanks to everyone who is there on is a pleasure to be your creative guide! ~Cat

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