Thursday, January 13, 2011

WildGypsyJewels is off and running.....

January 2011 and I'm making resolutions to...

  • be more proactive with my art by:
  • blogging, tweeting and FaceBooking regularly
  • offering something FREE to the public at regular intervals
  • GIVING something away monthly
  • writing about what I want to read about
  • NOT getting personal; no one cares if I've broken a nail
  • networking with other bloggers
  • successfully working my NEW eBay store (click title above)
  • TAKING MY ART SERIOUSLY after a decade of indifference

Now that having been said I do want to catch my readers up on a few personal things. One is that my beautiful daughter, Lauren, became engaged to her e-Harmony match on Christmas Eve. Somewhere in the archives are pictures of them on her 30th birthday...I hope. Tonight is the bridal show for her chosen venue so off we go to do the Mommy, Daughter, Auntie, Future s-i-l and m-i-l thing. So far the only stumbling block is money. See my notes above on my proposed remedy:)

And the other, very sad and very scary thing I want to blog is that my little five lb. Chihuahua, Tyler, almost died this morning. I resuscitated him and we now believe his airway was being obstructed by a loose tooth. We preformed some minor surgery and have given him some fluids, antibiotics and baby asprin. All in all, a family living at the poverty level at the moment has done what they used to do before there was a Vet on every major highway...we have taken care of our own livestock and are cautiously optimistic that he will recover. I was up a few times during the night after he failed to eat at bedtime. I'm saying little prayers for the 'big guy' since at almost 13 he's still a major player in our family's circle of pets.

So there you have it...the second blog post after four months of 'turtling' by the Jersey Girl. Stay tuned for giveaways, freebies and good stuff without any b*tching and complaining about LIFE. Because once you have kicked the a@@ of cancer you MUST be willing to enjoy every single minute of LIFE no matter what it hands you. As my son is fond of is great and a necessary evil...but the only thing money really affords you is experiences. Interesting thought about the green stuff that fuels and sometimes stalls the economy of this family and this country.

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