Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A dragonfly day~~~~~~~~~

What an amazing gift I had today. The arrival of a golden dragonfly to my 'pond'. The blue ones have become friendly enough to play games with me. I take a garden hose and water the plants around the sides of my pool and they come and 'ride the waves'; flying into the stream and riding it down and out. Simply an amazing thing to watch.

The neighbor's complained because we let the pool 'naturalize' which means the pump broke and it became stagnant with frogs and dragonflies all around. The township issued a warning to get it back to its pristine sparkling aqua. Bah Humbug!! We live in the country for heaven's sakes. Just because the neighbors didn't want to look at a brown pool we have to comply. I mentioned to an ecobiologist or whatever he was and he said that dragonflies will ONLY come to an environment that is in eco-balance. Damn neighbors, now I have to lose my beautiful winged friends by filling the darn thing with chlorine! The frogs were eating the mosquitoes for crying out loud.

Society...poop on all of them. They can't stand square pegs! Especially the round pegs who sit on their deck next door and look at my pond. Ivy dripping over the edges, wildflowers all around with frogs and dragonflies and now...back to being Ms. Dudley DoRight. Crap!!!

I got 'em back without their knowing it, however. I found a couple of tomato worms on my garden plants; you know the big fat lime green cutter ones. I pulled 'em off the plants and heave hoed them over the fence into their tomato plant patch! LOL, the worms should only eat the dickens out of their beautiful manicured bushes...mahwahahahahahahaha...who know the evil that lurks in the heart of a square peg...I does :)


  1. Well, I see your point!! we have become so silly that we belive that nature is invasive.

    I have spent lots of time rescueing dogs, a blind boxer (a sweetheart of an animal) and now a cripple opossum that the neighbors laugh at. Well what should I have done, let the little guy get eaten by preditors and ignore his unusual plight? NEVER. On my porch is the sweetest possum (his name is Posie) and he brings me smiles and joy everytime I go out to feed him. We started hydro-theropy on him and guess what, it's working. I hope to release him one day but not while he can't defend himself.

    So really, we need to stop and really look at the world perhaps. All the creatures are precious and deserve some attention. We should always do unto others!

    I liked your blog post.. can you tell I'm a softy, I love nature. I'm a special education teacher too.. I teach the mentally handicapped.

  2. oh my, our pond is like yours--overrun with the duckweed, all kinds of frogs, dragonflies of every color, birds nesting in the cattails. we read about how to "fix" it, but decided that would be just too awful. that amazes me they can make you poison your own pond!

    if it's small enough, you can make a shade over it of black plastic that will eventually kill any mucky stuff you have growing, but should give the wildlife time to move on. also, i read somewhere about putting (if i'm remembering correctly) stalks of barley in the netted produce bags, floating those on top of your pond, and that's supposed to kill off the muck, too.

    but the neighbors may not go for either of those. sigh.