Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad Day turns Good

Bad night sleeping because of thunderstorms in area. Woke up so many times I lost count. When I was finally awake, DH hands me two shut off notices. One for the natural gas and one for the electric. FOR MONDAY, no less. Like he couldn't have told me when they first came in???

I know we won't be able to pay them so I call to negotiate. Did you know that the gas and electric companies are loath to negotiate but are more than willing to give you numbers of agencies to contact that MAY help. Hours later I've been able to get an appointment with a local agency that helps MIDDLE CLASS families who are unable to meet their energy needs. Alllllright!!! Tomorrow I will have to go in and actually see the people with DH but it looks like temporary help is here.

Now if someone in the govenment would just get a national healthcare program going I could save the $1807.77 + $200 for meds each month. It's wringing us dry and we're in over our head financially...BUT just when I was feeling sad and down I checked my inbox and saw that I'd sold FOUR of my ACEO limited edition prints on eBay.

Yeah, I know the $32 isn't a lot in some folks books, but it means I can go get eggs, milk and bread this week. And that my friends is GOOD NEWS!!!

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