Saturday, September 04, 2010


I've had a creative block that has refused to move. It's like my Muse went MIA and left me in a dark void. This has been going on for months and I've despaired all summer that she might never return to full time duty. I can't see the road ahead and I despair daily at my lack of creativity.

I knew how I wanted to paint but not how to go about quieting that voice in my head that has always said "it's not good enough, you're not good enough". So today I decided to unblock once and for all. But to go about it I needed to use supplies that didn't matter.

Messy but ready to be put to good use.

Bristol paper, paper palette, kids tempera paint, some big brushes.

Getting down with the paint. Gee, I think this might be fun!

I grabbed that big white bristle chinese sumi-e brush and quickly sketched a girl and cat.

I dug around for a folder of old handmade papers. Might as well put them to some use. I've been saving them for a 'special' piece...this is it!

Adding some collage elements

I've been adding crayons, paint and collage elements at this point. She's starting to speak to me!

Adding a piece of commercial scrapbook paper. My feet are getting tired of standing but this is really a lot of fun!

Papers added and background painted in. Sloppy but freeing. Cat needs some work.

I can't believe I did it. I've painted for years but I've never PAINTED this way before. No thought if it would be good enough to sell I was able to just paint and lose myself in the work. Tomorrow I'll show the whole family that decided to join her.

I haven't been this excited about my work in years. I painted freely, loosely and happily. Welcome home my dear Muse. Please don't ever take an extended vacation any time soon...PLEASE


  1. She is really adorable! Experiementing is always such fun and i really enjoy your learning process! Very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. :) Congratz on achiving the goal of painting freely, loosely and happily! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Love to you!


  2. She's beautiful. I love the way you combine collage with paint :)

  3. oh my gosh, you wild this a fun place and are this little people...are they as much fun to make as they are to see! Adorable and darling all together they are!